I Feel Myself Alive in This Passing Moment

Participatory Performance
May 25, 2022
University of Cincinnati

This performance was given on a sunny day at noon in a busy public square. It gave participants the opportunity to focus for a short time on just being alive and reflect on the transitory moment and their own ephemerality. 

Each participant lay down on the warm pavement and was surrounded by flower petals. As the team member sprinkled petals around the participant, the team member spoke softly about this ephemerality and instructed the participant to remain in place as long as they wanted. Many people lay in place for several minutes after their silhouette was complete. After, most reported a sense of calm and well being. A light wind blew away some silhouettes. Other petals were swept to be reused. 

These photos were taken for documentation, but participants were not permitted photographs of their silhouettes.